What’s there?

Who is part of The Commons?
As at January 2016 we have on site:

  • Gap Filler HQ (Initiator: Gap Filler)
  • The Common Room (Life in Vacant Spaces former HQ. Initiator: Life in Vacant Spaces, now used by Gap Filler)
  • The Arcades Project (Initiators: Dr Ryan Reynolds, Andrew Just, Dr Jessica Halliday with LIVS for FESTA 2012)
  • RAD Bikes, a not-for-profit community bike workshop run by volunteers.  See their website and Facebook page for more information (Initiator: Gap Filler)
  • Cob Pizza Oven for community use (Initiator: CPIT for FESTA 2012)
  • Retro Sports Facility, available to the public to use daily and regular retro themed sporting events (Initiator: Gap Filler)
  • Grandstandium, a relocatable mini-grandstand available fro hire (Initiator: Gap Filler)
  • The Snug, an experimental studio and community space and Greening the Rubble’s HQ for now (Initiator: Gap Filler)
  • The Plant Exchange where you can donate/adopt a plant (Initiator: Greening the Rubble)
  • Rain Garden: an experiment being conducted by CCC into alternative way to treat storm water before it hits our rivers (Initiator: Christchurch City Council)
  • Food Trucks: we currently have Osaka and Kea Coffee, who are on site Monday through to Friday. If you are interested in having your food truck at The Commons, please apply here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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